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Michael Kostroff 



Statement: My writing work has been enjoyably diverse. I’ve written three books, an advice column, brochure copy, articles, reviews, speeches, proposals, live shows, promotional events, stand-up material, lyrics, and more. I’m known for my clarity, accessibility and quick turnaround. Some favorite credits include:



The Stage Actor's Handbook (Rowman & Littlefield, 2022)

Audition Psych 101 (Gate Keeper Press, 2019)

Answers from "The Working Actor" (Routledge, 2018)

Letters from Backstage (Allworth Press, 2005)



Wrote "The Working Actor" advice column and various articles for Back Stage (2006-2012)

"Hopeless Humor" — article for  Lincoln Center's White Light Festival programme 

reference: Ron Severdia/



Disneyland — Writing and developing live shows, special events, corporate events and song lyrics, as well as copy, treatments and proposals for Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure, Buena Vista Special Events, and Tokyo Disney Sea

references: Tom Child/562-421-6133

Jennifer Bellman/714-781-3555

Joey Michaels/714-781-3443

Kevin Frawley/818-295-4243

Stiletto Entertainment/Holland America Cruises — Cruise ship shows                                                    

reference: Doug Senecal/

Co-creator and writer, Twisted TV

Comedic musical revue                                                  

reference: Barbara Epstein/


A Little Traveling Music                                                                  

Writer and songwriter for this Award-winning musical revue

reference: Eric Leviton/323-356-2732


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