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Michael Kostroff


In 2006, I began teaching a workshop called Audition Psych 101, addressing a topic that I felt wasn't being covered: the psychological quagmire that exists in an actor's brain when he auditions. Since then, I've offered this four-hour class all over the country, to hundreds and hundreds of actors at all levels, and many have told me it's changed their whole careers. It's a source of great joy for me, and it's a humbling honor to be able to help my colleagues in this way.

I've also taught classes in a variety of other subjects: character work,
ensemble work, the business of "the business,"

improvisation, comedic acting and on-camera technique, and taken part in  question and answer sessions, talkbacks, and panel discussions.


“Michael is an excellent teacher who is able to relay important and useful information in a very accessible and practical way.  He infuses his lessons with personal experiences and humor, making his classes highly informative, valuable and entertaining. I had the great fortune of hosting Michael at the University of New Mexico where I was an adjunct professor of Acting for the Camera. With an impressive resume as a highly successful working actor, Michael remains true to his roots of the theatre and has found a new calling in the teaching world. He is the perfect person to inspire the next generation of actors.” —Mara Holguin, actress, filmmaker and teacher


“On behalf of the Entertainment Studies and Performing Arts Program at UCLA Extension I am pleased to recommend to you Michael Kostroff. As you may know, the Entertainment Studies Program at UCLA Extension is the most highly regarded continuing education program of its kind in the world, primarily due to the fact that our instructors are all top professionals in the Entertainment Business. Michael brings insight and the experience from his leadership as an actor to the subject matter of his course, providing an understanding of the entertainment industry that is vital, accurate, and inspiring. He is not only extremely competent and knowledgeable in the area that he teaches, but is gifted at communicating to a very demanding student audience. He has received excellent evaluations from our students and is highly regarded by our department.” —Pascale Halm, Program Director, Department of Entertainment Studies, UCLA Extension


“Wonder where all those inspired and inspiring teachers are? Michael Kostroff!” —Rick Eigenbrod, actor, San Jose


“You have a great way of encouraging actors in the best way, putting them in touch with their own courage. The practical techniques were great.” —Steve Arons, actor, New York City


“I would have taken the workshop over and over and over if I could have. I learned that much….not only a very talented actor but a gifted teacher as well.” —Linda Larson, actress, Annapolis, MD



Lisa Cooney, Education Director, Paper Mill Playhouse: (908) 419-3624

Preston Dyar, Artistic Associate, Flat Rock Playhouse: (917) 751-0721


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