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Michael Kostroff


In 2006, I began teaching a workshop called Audition Psych 101, addressing the psychological quagmire that exists in an actors' brains when they audition. Since then, I've offered this four-hour class all over the country, to thousands of actors at all levels, and many have told me it's changed their whole careers.

Since 2019, I've been teaching weekly acting classes, both live and online.

I've also taught classes in a variety of other subjects: character work, ensemble work, the business of "the business,"

improvisation, comedic acting, and on-camera technique, and taken part in countless Q&As and panel discussions.


Michael's weekly pro-level acting classes are designed to address the whole actor life: craft, career, and mental challenges. The scene work emphasizes text and character analysis. The atmosphere is casual, supportive, and fun.


Rather than teaching one particular technique, Michael is interested in treating each scene as a new puzzle, exploring options, developing students' “tool kit,” and focusing on process over result.

In this class, actors are bolstered, supported, celebrated, and encouraged to develop a sense of authority over their own work.

Those interested in applying may do so by sending a reel via the "CONTACT" button above. 

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