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Reviews and Other Press

". . . uses slow burns

and pregnant pauses

like a comic Picasso"

The Producers

Olney Theatre Center

"Volatile and nutsy!"

The Orange County Register

The Producers

Musical Theatre West

"Quite possibly the definitive Max Bialystock."

"Marvelously atop his game . . . Kostroff's precision hamming is inspired."

The Los Angeles Times

The Sacramento Press

Nice Work if You Can Get It 

Sacramento Music Circus 

"I could recommend the production on the presence of the droll Michael Kostroff alone.   . . . a wonder of reactive facial expressions and slicing deadpan rejoinders."

" . . . steals scene after scene as the bootlegger-reluctantly-turned butler who shows the prohibitionist Duchess the joys of gin."

The Sacramento Bee

"Simply put, Kostroff 

is exquisite . . .

vulnerable yet vocal, broad yet nuanced, sweet yet acerbic."

Palm Beach Illustrated


Maltz Jupiter Theatre

"Funny without being affected."

Broadway World

"A bravura, controlled, charming portrayal." 

Talkin' Broadway

"One of the production's

most pleasant surprises."

Mercury News 

Laughter on the 23rd Floor

Laguna Playhouse

"Kostroff tosses out one-liners with superb ease, scoring a strike with each one."

Irvine World News

"Kostroff tosses out one-liners with superb ease, scoring a strike with each one."

"A master of dead-on dry delivery"

Los Angeles Times

September 2, 2014

When I finally got around to engrossing myself in one of the greatest stories ever told on television, I learned that they hype that the show had earned was entirely justified...And of my favorite characters...was a snide little side character who seemed to sneak his pesky little self into scenes more and more as time went on.  His name was Maurice Levy, Attorney at Law. And he was portrayed by the brilliant Michael Kostroff.

February 14, 2008

It’s ironic that on The Wire, a show focusing on the drug trade in Baltimore, one of the most evil characters is the lawyer who represents the street thugs. But Maury Levy, played brilliantly by Michael Kostroff, is a smarmy, unapologetic villain who fans love to hate. We recently talked to Kostroff about his character, the show and why fans won’t let him pick out a tomato in peace.

August 6, 2009

Today's subject is Michael Kostroff. You may recognize Michael from his work on the critically acclaimed series, "The Wire" as Maurice "Maury" Levy, a corrupt and unscrupulous defense attorney who represented drug traffickers. Kostroff has gone from slimy lawyer on the gritty streets of Baltimore to the Disney Channel's "Sonny with a Chance" where he can be seen alongside Demi Lovato playing a nervous TV producer, Marshall Pike.

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