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Michael Kostroff


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Michael is best known for his five seasons as Maury Levy on HBO’s legendary hit series, 

The Wire, and for his long list of television credits, reflecting a wide variety of styles, from the broadly comedic to the dramatically subtle, and a wide range of characters, from icy lawyers to caring teachers, from hyper TV execs to swishy florists, and even a reckless, long-haired, tattooed, Southern ex-con.


On stage, he’s played that slimy, sleazy Max Bialystock in The Producers; the comically evil “Master of the House” Thenardier in Les Miserablessad-sack comedy writer Milt Fields in Laughter on the 23rd Floor, as well as a high-strung opera manager, a former Cuban drag queen,  a mousy boss, a bitter gardener, and the sweetest would-be murderer you could ever hope to meet.

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New York

BRS/Gage - 212-757-0098


Los Angeles

BRS/Gage - 323-857-6666

Agent: Sarabeth Schedeen -


Schiowitz Artists Management - 818-720-5074

Caleigh Vancata (LA) -

Direct contact - Twitter (@therealkostroff)

                                 Facebook (Michael Kostroff)

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